10 Creative DIY Waterfall Designs for Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Waterfall Design Ideas

Planning a swimming pool? Make a point to include some ideas for pool waterfalls in your list. It doesn’t matter how big or how tiny, how simple or how elaborate, this is a foolproof method for adding a dash more pizazz to the scene.

The opening that leads into a grotto can be made with either a natural waterfall or elaborate metal arches. It’s a great method for integrating one pool with another. Any type of swimming pool can benefit from the addition of a waterfall.

They not only look great, adding movement and height to the area but also deliver extra benefits, such as a soothing sound.

The first thing you need to do if you are constructing a brand new swimming pool or want to give the one you already have an update by adding one of these features is to locate a design that is suitable for your needs.

We have compiled a large number of stunning pool waterfall concepts for you to look at, and possibly even copy, in the hopes of sparking your creativity and providing you with some ideas.

Ways To Make a Beautiful DIY Pool Waterfall

Our compilation of pool waterfall ideas features a wide variety of designs to choose from, making it suitable for a wide variety of backyard layouts.

1. Build a Waterfall Trio into your Wall

pool waterfall

When it comes to layout, one of the most common pieces of advice is to avoid even numbers in favour of odd ones because the latter is more appealing to the human eye. Yet taking into consideration the fact that it is comprised of three waterfalls, we are forced to admit that it is undeniably impressive.

It is a clean and planned pool landscaping idea, and it is excellent for those individuals who want a presentation that is in a more modern vein because it cascades immediately from the raised wall.

Further colour and form are provided by the potted plants that have been precisely positioned atop each other. This movement draws the eye across the room and beyond to the sophisticated palms.

2. Use a Spillway to Connect your Hot Tub to your Pool


If you’ve been thinking about installing a hot tub in your backyard, then take a look at this stunning arrangement for some ideas.

It is convenient to move between the pool and the hot tub because they are so close to one another. In addition to this, it creates a perfect possibility for a waterfall feature to be situated in the middle. You only need a lip that is only slightly lower on one of the edges.

If you want to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and reminiscent of a spa, this is the ideal accessory to include. However, why should we stop there?

In addition, there is a waterfall that is more naturalistic and is located to one side of this pool. This waterfall provides a lovely centre of attention with its assortment of rocks and neighbouring plants.

3. Identify the Grotto Entrance

Identify the Grotto Entrance

Grottos are a fantastically entertaining addition that can be made to a pool, and they are well-liked by people of all ages. Anyone who ventures through a barrier of water to get to a tranquil spot that resembles a cave will have a sense of fun adventure welling up inside them.

And these buildings have a great appearance as well.

Place fire bowls about the area for an even more magnificent display; in no time at all, you will feel as though you have entered your very own little paradise that is reminiscent of the jungle.

4. Streamlined Styles

Streamlined Styles

If you are looking for pool waterfall ideas that are less elaborate, perhaps Something similar to this might be more suitable for the space you have available.

Even the most basic pools can benefit from the addition of a little bit of excitement and interest with the help of metal types like this one, which is substantial and sleek in appearance.

If you add a sophisticated pool house, some of the finest pieces of garden furniture, and tasteful decking or paving underfoot, you’ll have the makings of a setting that’s ideal for unwinding in a refined fashion.

5. Draw Inspiration from Nature

Draw Inspiration from Nature

Get in touch with nature with a waterfall that has a rock garden aesthetic like this one. It’s a stunning design that will immediately calm the senses as soon as you see it.

Make sure that the shape of the pool itself is organic and freeform, and add a substantial amount of vegetation all around the perimeter. Even after the sun has set, guests will be wowed by the scene because it will be illuminated by lights placed in the pool.

If you prefer the notion of taking a more natural approach, you can even decide to go with a natural pool rather than a traditional one. These designs do not contain any chemicals, contain a large number of aquatic species, and look great throughout the entire year.

6. Choose a Contemporary Design

Choose a Contemporary Design

Although this style is somewhat different from the naturalistic one up there, it’s still one that we find attractive. Following the rule of three once more, a row of scuppers projects from a chic mosaic wall.

This establishes an arresting focal point in the picture, which is further emphasised by the height. Yet, it also has the potential to serve as a practical screen, which is ideal if you want to increase the level of discretion afforded by your pool.

The concept of using pavers here has also piqued our interest; it is an excellent approach to combining different types of surfaces to achieve a contemporary look.

7. Interact a Raised Planter with a Waterfall

Raised Planter with a Waterfall

If you take a closer look at this pool, you’ll find that The waterfall is currently being cleverly constructed onto a raised bed that is topped with a significant amount of vegetation.

This is a great way to inject additional colour and vitality into the area, and it also provides some degree of shelter. In addition to this, it will encourage a greater number of pollinators to visit your area, especially if you populate it with plants that are favourable to bees.

The mirrored texture, which adds a fascinating aspect to hold your focus, is another feature that we really enjoy. In the meantime, the vibrant red furniture injects an exciting splash of colour into the setting.

8. Add a Slide

Add a Slide

Searching for a pool element that complements the ideas you have for your family garden? One excellent choice is to use a slide. This traditional style works well with the natural environment and will provide a great deal of entertainment. Moreover, it can serve as a waterfall, albeit in a more subdued fashion, if you want it to.

A secondary, less impressive waterfall may be found nearby, which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. In addition, we adore how the design continues all the way around the pool by including pebbles that overhang the sides.

9. Double up the Effect

Double up the Effect

This scene contains a lot of impressive elements. A setting that is reminiscent of a tranquil alpine lagoon can be created in the convenience of one’s own backyard by incorporating a number of levels, swimming pools, waterfalls, and a backdrop of trees. This can be accomplished without leaving the house.

It is the perfect place to host a pool party because there are so many various areas for guests to discover, and they won’t want to leave!

10. Transform the Setting with Bridges and Fountains

Bridges and Fountains

The warm tones of the stone, the lush greenery, and the wooden pergola draped with plants give this pool and its adjacent pool terrace ideas a distinct Mediterranean flavour.

The hot tub’s aesthetic value is greatly increased by the addition of a fountain and waterfall, and this enhancement is further enhanced by the spillway that allows the water from the hot tub to flow into the bigger pool below.

Similarly, we appreciate the stone bridge that serves to identify this area as a peaceful seating area and a true destination site.