DIY Interior Design Ideas by a Professional Interior Decorator

There are some people who do not have the financial means to be able to pay for an interior designer to visit them in their home and put together a fantastic and coordinated design. A good number of homeowners truly prefer to be the ones who decide on the design and add their own personal taste.

While we acknowledge the skill and effort that goes into a well-designed interior, we also recognise that many of you would enjoy achieving that appearance on a budget. Perhaps, you’ll be able to put these home decorating suggestions into practise and enjoy a more comfortable and attractive living space.

Let’s take a more in-depth investigation of ways to adorn the inside of your house by transforming your rooms via the use of organisation and design into an environment that, up until now, you believed could only be created by an interior designer.

These suggestions are going to be helpful whether you want the inside of your home to look like a high-end hotel or you just want to spice things up a bit. Your do-it-yourself home design is top secret, so be quiet about it.

Colour Scheme: Use Three Shades or Colours


You should choose a colour scheme now that you have a decent understanding of a style that you desire to name your own. This is the most difficult portion. Colour is highly subjective and has the ability to evoke feelings within us that can be motivating.

When you are redoing the interior design of your home, you should always go with the colours that speak to you the most. Examine your inspiration boards to determine which colours predominate in the images of the rooms you have saved.

We won’t advise you what colours to pick, but we will suggest that you go for a combination of at least three different hues or tones.

One dominant colour for the walls, another colour for larger accent pieces like chairs and couches, and a third colour that stands out in smaller items like flowers, cushions, and trinkets.

Keep in mind that the amount of light that enters your home will affect the colour of the walls. If you want to improve the look of your interiors and bring out more colour, you should think about installing floor-to-ceiling windows.

Let’s say that you decide to go with a colour scheme that consists of brown, teal, and orange. The walls are most likely going to be painted in a shade of brown, you might decide to go with teal for an accent wall or the accent chairs, and tangerine might be the hue that you bring out in the pillows and other decorations.

This formula, which consists of three colours, is applicable to any combination. Just keep in mind that adding three different colours to a room makes it far more interesting than using just one or two of them. It is possible to have an all-white room, but it should contain at least three different tones of white.

Put Some Texture into Your Home


The texture is just as important as colour, especially if you want to stick to a monochromatic colour scheme like all-white or all-grey, but still want some variety.

At first sight, a room may appear to have only one colour scheme; but, if you look more closely, you will discover that the same colour can be seen in a variety of tones and that there is plenty of texture provided by a variety of fabrics and textiles.

A room that is painted entirely white might feature linen curtains, a velvety velvet chair, shimmering silk cushions, woven baskets and rattan chairs, and a sofa made of nubby cotton, with a faux fur throw thrown over it occasionally.

All of these components contribute texture to the surroundings and are pleasing to the eye, which results in the creation of a cosy and luxurious setting.

Because interior design may give a glimpse into the owner’s character, sprucing up an uninteresting space by adding some texture, pattern, and variety to the colour palette is an easy way to achieve an air of sophistication.

Think about the kinds of fabrics that would work best with your routine.

If you have children and pets, you probably don’t want a cotton sofa that is light in colour; a mohair or leather sofa that is deeper in colour would be a better choice for your household. Consider investing in some high-end silk drapes and cushions if you have a penchant for luxurious living.

No matter what your preferred aesthetic is, you should always make an effort to incorporate a lot of textural variety into your do-it-yourself interior design projects.

Large, Eye-catching items of Furniture

Statement Furniture Home Decor

Too many dainty, spindly items can be overwhelming in a single space, which is a mistake that almost all homeowners commit. The purpose of a space that is cluttered with leggy tables, leggy chairs, and plenty of small knick-knacks is just to confuse the eye and make the area appear more cluttered.

Instead, look for a space that has a good balance of people in it. Have a giant sofa, several club chairs with skirts (Hence, the legs are obscured from view), and then one or two armchairs with attractively carved legs on either side of the sofa (depending on space).

This is just one illustration, but hopefully, it illustrates the idea that you should combine a variety of furniture types and sizes so that the space appears well-balanced, with neither too much nor too little emphasis.

There are a lot of different decorating ideas that you may try out, even if you just have a studio apartment to work with.

Even the tiniest of rooms should contain at least one huge statement item, for example, a large armoire or cabinet, according to the recommendations of the majority of interior designers.

The key to a good interior design for a home is to incorporate a variety of scales, from large to little. This rule also applies to a person’s choice of accessories.

Use Decorative Bowls, Baskets, and Trays

Baskets and Bowls Interior Decoration

When organising collections or loose pieces that require a place to call their own, designers frequently turn to the use of trays, ornate bowls, and even baskets. You may add a touch of glamour to your coffee table, ottoman, or side table by placing a glittering gold tray on top of the surface.

On top of the tray, arrange a nice candle, a couple of books, and a small dish filled with stones in a variety of colours. Even if they appear to be trivial, little panoramas like this are essential to creating an aesthetic that is rich and ornamented.

If you’re looking for a more country feel in your house, woven baskets are a great option to try out. Baskets are wonderful ornamental tools because they can conceal a significant amount of clutter. Make an effort to create these nooks and crannies all over your home.

When you use a basket or tray to collect the soaps in the bathroom and scents and then arrange them into a work of exhibited art, you are going to fall in love with how a tray or basket can do this.

Put Flowers in Each and Every Room


Take a step back and examine each of your compiled inspiration boards; what do you find? Do you find that there are plants or flowers in nearly all of the rooms? Believe us, we know you do.

Adding live plants, floral arrangements, and natural materials such as vases of rocks or shells may really bring that finishing touch to your home’s interior design, despite the fact that this may seem like a straightforward piece of advice.

There are a wide variety of low-maintenance houseplants available for purchase that, if given the appropriate amount of food and water, can thrive for many years. The vast majority of designers will advise you to steer clear of artificial flower arrangements.

Try placing natural components examples include feathers and twigs in a huge urn as an alternative to plants or flowers if those aren’t what you’re looking for. A room receives its finishing touch in the form of natural arrangements; this is the finishing touch that announces the presence of an interior designer.

You still have the option to own a home that appears to have been designed by you even if you are unable to hire an interior designer. All of these helpful hints and suggestions come together to produce a welcoming and tastefully furnished interior for a home.

Today is a good day to experiment with spicing up your home with a variety of textures, colours, and standout pieces of furniture.

Take a picture of the situation if you are uncertain of the final result or the preparations that you have made in this regard. Taking pictures of space will enable you to examine its layout from a variety of angles, which will show you where in the planning process you might have made a mistake.

Keep in mind that it’s your home, and since you’re the one who is obligated to reside there, you should design it in such a way that you enjoy it and that it accurately reflects who you are.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to put your newfound knowledge of interior design to use and transform your home into something truly special.

Pinterest and AskForHome are two websites that might give you the confidence to design the inside of your home on your own. Whether you’re into the rustic, vintage, or minimalist decor, you’ll find useful advice here for putting your own stamp on your home.