Best Water Pool Games for Kids

The majority of us will spend most of our time at the pool in water pool games during the summer months. Did you ever spend a few hours preparing for a trip to the pool by gathering floaties, sunscreen, swimsuits, goggles, towels, and other items, only to have your children request to leave the pool a few moments after arriving and complain that they are cold?

However, it’s possible that you are one of the fortunate people who already have a pool in their backyard, but the thrill of having has worn off.

It’s possible that your children are constantly in the pool, wanting you to come to swim with them, you don’t enjoy being kicked, splashed, and nudged around while you are swimming with them because you find it annoying.

10 Best Pool Games for Kids

The good news is that I have a remedy. I’ve rounded up some of the most fun and challenging pool games that can be played in the pool by swimmers of any age and skill level to enjoy today.

You and your children will have plenty to do in the pool thanks to these water pool games that can be played by everyone. Simply put, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

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Secret Messages

Secret Message Pool Game

Everyone who is able to communicate verbally can participate in this game. It is therefore possible for participants to take part in the activity even if they are unable to swim or have a limited ability to do so and choose to congregate on the stairs.

To begin, select someone to serve as the guesser and someone else to say the message, which will typically consist of only one or two words. Get submerged in the water simultaneously.

The messenger yells out a word while they are submerged in water. As you get back up, the person who is guessing is required to pronounce the word that they believe the person before them said.

To keep it a little bit simpler for people to identify the word, you might want to choose a theme, such as fruits or animals.

Timed Dives

Time Dives pool game

We enjoy playing games at the pool, and one of our favourites to use is diving toys because they are convenient to carry and can be stored in a bag of a manageable size. My children enjoy swimming for any diving toy, and they provide some entertaining games in the swimming.

To play this easy pool game, simply toss all of the dive toys into the water; wait for them to sink to the bottom, and how much time it takes for your youngster to get them all together.

My group is quite competitive, so they are always trying to outdo each other. As a team, they sometimes will see how long it requires and the number of times they just had to dive down to retrieve all the diving toys that have been thrown into the pool’s deepest part.

Diving Olympics


This game of pool is perfect for you and your group if you all enjoy a good challenge. To begin, you have to ensure that you are in a swimming pool that is suitable for diving. Next, instruct some fundamentals of scuba diving. Here, you can get an introduction to the fundamentals of scuba diving.

Following a few warm-up dives, the judges will be chosen. Be fancy and provide the judges with individual pieces of paper that have been laminated and numbered from 1 to 10. They will hold these up.

If the swimmer is a classic sport and doesn’t mind being scored, then this activity could be carried out with a large group of divers or with only one diver. My older son absolutely adores playing this game, and he frequently inquires about strategy after each round. “Mom, do you think I caused a commotion?”

“Did I keep my toes together?” “Wow, did anyone see how great that dive was? It was amazing!” Go out your smartphone or camera and record some footage if you have a child like this who is obsessed with receiving criticism and striving for perfection.

Pool Fishing

pool fishing game

Even players with the smallest hands can participate in pool games. This game of pool fishing is a favourite pastime for young children, but older children also take pleasure in playing it.

Put a net in the hands of a child, and you have instant entertainment on your hands! When you include some entertaining treasures, it will become a game that your children will want to play again and over again.

You won’t need anything more than this exciting treasure chest of dive toys and at minimum one net to get started.

The object of this game is to see if your children can successfully retrieve the toys or riches from the water before they sink to the bottom of the pool. Without even realising it, your children will be improving their hand-eye coordination while they play.

To play all these games, you should also know how to DIY clean your swimming pool at home.

Noodle Joust

Noodle joust pool game

Because of the potentially tense nature of this game, you should save it for your most rough-and-tumble children. In order to play this game, you will need two people, two rafts or floats, and two pool noodles. (Alternatively, try your hand at this canoe log raft game.)

When in the center of the pool, each player paddles their raft (similar to riding a horse). They are armed with a pool noodle each, and on a count of three, they engage in a jousting match to see who can dislodge another player off his raft first.

Pool Noodle Surfing

Pool noodle surfing

The activity that we enjoy most at the pool is trying to “surf” on a noodle of the pool without slipping off. When the noodle wants to leap to the surface and You’re putting in a lot of effort to keep it from getting out from under you, which is a really decent challenge.

The objective of this game is to see how long you can stay balanced atop the noodle of the pool without toppling over.

We normally attempt to surf with both legs on the noodle, but if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can try surfing with just one foot on the noodle. Whoever is able to keep their balance on the pool noodle the longest wins.

Duck Push

Duck Push pool game

If you have any spare rubber duckies lying around from when you were taking a bath, bring them with you to the pool when you go! This game is particularly endearing when played with rubber ducks, but it may be played with any of a large number of different things that float (like balls).

Players form a line, and the game begins with each participant swimming toward the other end of the swimming pool while holding a rubber duck. The objective of the game is to cross the finish line without touching the opposite side with your hands while carrying your rubber duck.

Your children may try to blow on them, pressing them using their foreheads or noses, holding them on their backs or heads, or carrying them by holding them on their backs or heads. Let them use their imagination.

A player’s opponent can try to throw water in their direction or knock their duck off course by splashing water. The winner is determined by who gets to the other side of the pool first.

Scuba Divers

Scuba Divers pool game for Kids

Bring your creative juices to this game, or use it as a learning opportunity to read up on aquatic organisms. Equipment like a mask, snorkel,  and fins are helpful for my kids, but they aren’t required.

Now, let’s pretend we’re in a scuba diving situation. It might involve exploring the reef’s waters in search of manta rays, sunken ships, or other marine life. Then round up all of the floats you can find. My child likes to ride on an inner tube.

The next thing to do is to sit on the floaties edge and then to backwards fall into the water. If you’re wearing a mask or goggles, attempt to use just eye contact and hand gestures to speak with each other.

Don’t keep your dive finds to yourself; tell everyone about the great stuff you found.

Atomic Whirlpool

Atomic Whirlpool pool game

Water’s potential captivated me as a child. Creating whirlpools and then struggling against the ensuing stream was a favorite pastime. My kids really enjoy it now, and it wears them out!

The more children there are who can take part, the better. When it comes to swimming pools, less is more. Otherwise, stick to the kiddie pool.

Everyone gathers in a big circle to begin. Get moving around the circle gently in unison. Accelerate your pace of walking until you are all sprinting in the water. Keep going until you reach a whirlpool!

The water’s pulling power can lift your children off the pool floor and propel them forward. Everyone enjoys the extra challenge of running against the whirlpool’s current when the water is moving fast. There will undoubtedly be hilarity and mayhem!

Marco Polo

Marco Polo pool game

The pool game of Marco Polo has been around for a very long time. My children like it as much as I did when I was their age. There is no maximum player count for this game. In a game, more people mean more enjoyment!

The object of Marco Polo is similar to the game of tag, except that whoever is “it” must swim with their eyes closed. This certainly ups the ante and difficulty level.

When the “it” player shouts “Marco,” the rest of the players respond with “Polo.” The “it” player must pay close attention, then sneak around the pool in an attempt to tag someone. Once a player has been successfully tagged, that player takes over as “it” for the remainder of the round.

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